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Dear parents,

My personal everyday challenge, as a director of our new dynamic preschool institution, is to create perfect children’s background outside of their own family environment. Every child is the most valuable for his parents. During our recruitment process, we focus on kind, qualified and creative teaching and nursing staff members. We aim to build institution that was, according to us, missing in Ko
šice. Our new, modern equipped and safe preschool premises can meet not only our own high standard expectations but also actual parent’s demands. However this aim requires lots of effort, I am confident to say that we are very successful in achieving it so far. Generously sized premises with modern equipment, own garden with accessories, interactive didactic toys and tools, complex CCTV, healthy food, flexible hours, learning English language by bilingual form of communication aimed to older children and many other services guarantees yours and your children’s satisfaction. We always aim to provide warm family orientated environment full of love and individual approach here. We aim to establish the environment, where children feel secure, safe, where they can understand the principles of friendship and tolerance. The environment where children can learn teamwork as well as how to learn first experiences and guidance by being relaxed, happy and satisfied.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

                                                                               MUDr. Silvia Vernerová, PhD.



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