Súkromné jasle - Vilôčka - WHAT NOT TO BRING


Aim of each parent is to bring up their child at their best. Parents have got a clear idea of what and when they want their child to be familiar with certain things. We focus on parent´s authority at Vilôčka nursery. It is entirely up to parents to choose the way how to bring up their child and we support the parents at Vilôčka and help them to achieve it. To avoid misunderstanding, we kindly ask each parent not to pack any food, drinds or sweets for their child. Vilôčka nursery will supply drinks and refreshment for children. If your child wants to bring its own toy, we would kindly ask you to mark it and ensure that your child takes it home. We do not recommend to bring expensive toys to nursery as children like to explore and dismantle toys.


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