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Our aim is that every child can develop and ideally explore the world only when it is relaxed, happy and satisfied.  This is the reason why we are ensuring sufficient amount of stimulus for their active development. We do want to create accommodating environment, where all children will feel secure, where principles of friendship and tolerance will be understood, and where they can also learn team-work.

We started to provide care for your little ones from August 2014. Vilocka is modern educational institution dedicated for children from 6 months to 4 years old. Our premises are located within the villa, which is in quiet, calm location situated in Kosice’s district called Kalvaria. Our new building with generous internal space is fully adapted for children’s needs. It consists of lodge, changing room, dining room, large playroom, separate bedroom and bathrooms. Our large garden with grass creates perfect environment for children to enjoy their play without noisy traffic. There are certified climbing structures as well as large all year long covered sandpit. To provide even more outdoor facilities, there is another children’s playground with fence nearby.

The safety of your children is our top priority. Entire building is equipped with the newest security systems. The premises are controlled by exterior and interior security cameras with 24 hours monitoring. We also cooperate with private security company. The entry to the premises is allowed only through the security check. The emergency exit is also enabled by exterior fire staircase. We are confident to say that all these security measures and equipment position us within the most secure pre-school premises in Slovakia.

Our staff members are qualified. Your children are looked after by fully qualified teachers. During our recruitment process we focus on these priorities: positive relationship towards children, being initiative, creative and ability to develop and educate all children. Our educational process is assisted by qualified nurses and midwifes. Their ability to provide professional medical assistance is great advantage for all of us.

We are learning through the play. By using the newest certified educational tools, we aim to support positive psychomotor development of each child. This is the reason why we keep investing into equipment and facilities. Our focus is on individuality of each child, however at the same time they need to develop their sense perception, basic and fine motor skills, speech, personal hygiene, social perception and ethics, relationship to nature, desire to learn. During our musical, art and physical activities, we stress on child personality within creative environment, play and education. Our individual approach is ensured by lower number of children per teacher or assistant. By using curiosity, play and natural sense to learn new knowledge, we gradually introduce to older children basics of English language bilingually. In case of your enquiry or interest, we will communicate with your child in English during the day. If you would decide to choose another world foreign language, we will try to provide experienced lecturer in that particular language.

We try to create family environment. Our facility does not provide typically cold preschool environment. Through our individual approach your child will not get lost in crowd. We also aim to support your parental authority during education. We are fully aware, that your confidence is essential for us. Through various organised family events, we build a platform for community between you and us. Special seasonal events as well as themed ones (such as: the mother’s day, Santa Clause, carnival, grill party etc.), are the best opportunities to know each other informally.

We aim for healthy diet.  In order to establish correct dietary behaviour, we offer nutritional and balanced food for your children. Daily eating routine consists of morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and unlimited offer of fresh fruit and vegetables. We actively lead all the children to regular drinking habits.  Content of our food agrees with recommendations of Bureau of public health of Slovak Republic. In comparison with other civic centre and private children centres, we are regularly and strictly controlled. In case of specific dietary requests of your child (coeliac disease, food allergies), we will provide healthy and safe food for every child. We would like to emphasize, there are no sweets and sweetened drinks on our premises. It is up to each parent when they would like to introduce them.

We are flexible to adapt. Our nursery is opened all year round from 6:30am to 5:30pm. Our opening hours can be adjusted to your needs. We are happy to look after your child even in the evening hours, at the weekend or bank holidays. We understand variety of working hours of the parents. We think of you even if you work night shifts.

We are not avoiding legislation.  Currently we are witnessing new trend of opening new nurseries and pre-schools which are within the framework of various civic centres, children centres and non-profitable organisations. These organisations are intentionally trying to avoid demanding legal requirements that are necessary for nurseries and pre-schools in Slovak Republic. In comparison with these organisations, Vilocka is established as private nursery. We follow current hygienic and safety measures which are based on the newest European legislation.  We are regularly inspected by Board of public health service, Fire brigade and Safeguarding body to ensure the best professional care and safety of your children.



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